170_The Little Aquarius

I´m back on the bike for almost one week now and I think it´s time to tell you something about the conditions here. Well, I started with beautiful sunshine and brilliant fall weather. But then step by step it got a bit cooler and a bit greyer and a bit less fun bringing. And yesterday rain finally caught me! Or let´s say: almost! Because I was – as usual – lucky to find Steve who offered me his carport to build up my tent. So everything stayed dry. For the night!

But then of course the moment came in which I had to face the day and leave the protecting roof above me. So I pulled out my rain cloths and jumped into the dark and grey and wet day. But then I remembered that my sister gave me 3 audiobooks…actually stories for little children. But one of them was perfect for this morning! It´s about a little aquarius living in a small lake. Of course everything in and aquarius´ life is quite wet and with the weather conditions of that morning I could easily dive into the story and life of that little boy. And I only came back into real life when the little aquarius had decided to leave the ground of the lake and climb up to the shore in order to know Mr. Rain. When he was up there he tried to find him and started shouting: “Hey, Mr. Rain? Heeeey, … Rain, where are youuuu?” Yes, where is the rain? In that moment I realised that the rain had gone and the sun was trying to win against the heavy, grey sky.

Some pedalings later sun had won and I found myself in the most perfect cycling conditions you can imagine: bright and colourful shining trees with yellow and red and orange leafs, freezy fresh air, a magic lake, forests and nobody out on the streets! It´s so, so beautiful here and I actually found in America what I did expect from India: A lot of nature and nobody to keep your thoughts from flying far away. In the evening I found one of the State parks which offer you restrooms and picknick-areas. I can build up my tent right in these little open picknick houses that keep me warm during the night and the tent dry. And I have fresh water and a toilet…America, I love you! Life is beautiful!


Schafer State Park (Zelt)

Tages-Km: 77,73km / -Zeit: 4:42h / -Höhenmeter: 491m

Gesamt-Km: 9.871km / -Zeit: 691:17h / -Höhenmeter: 89.371m


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