Since more or less one week I´m travelling with Davide, the Italian. And still we didn´t argue. Or…let´s say: we almost didn´t! Well, no, let´s say that yesterday doesn´t count. So we didn´t!

He actually would be a bit faster than me. But he acts like a real gentleman and most of the time stays behind me so that I can go by my own pace. But still I sometimes feel like I should force myself so that we don´t move too slowly. Like yesterday: We had the idea of staying on the beach of “Punta Mita” that night. And although that idea was something like 100km away from the point where we had left in the morning I had decided to make it! Until the back tyre of Davide´s bike had decided to have a better idea…

When the whole in the tyre was big enough to already let exit some liquid we had to stop and think of another plan – 16km before reaching “Punta Mita”. Maybe he could still have made it. But maybe not. In the end we followed an old, tanned, Canadian half-local who spends his winters here in Mexico and who had told Davide to bring him to a nice and close place where we would be safe at night. After only 200m we left the paved street and ended up pushing the bikes on a narrow, sandy, rough and steep foot path through the Mexican Jungle, crossing dry palm leaves and millions of thorns and spikes. I started to boil! Because none of the 2 gentlemen had answered my questions when I wanted to know where we were about to go! The just ignored me and kept on going…

Well, ok, I can do that, too! When we finally arrived I threw my tent into the sand and started to prepare for at least a nice bath in female isolation. I was so angry! The whole day I had fought against my own limits, pulling the last few Joules of energy out of my tired muscles for what? For exhausting them for “an adventure”? Adventure, adventure, why do they always need adventure? I just want to live my idea of a simple life! That was what I had in my mind. But I didn´t say a word and started to run away towards the water… when Davide grapped my hand and asked: “Oh, but can you tell me what I did do to you?” I could! I could tell him everything, believe me! I told him about my limits and the way he was exhausting me. And that I trusted him. But he, what did he do for me? Bringing me to this place here? I pointed towards the beach. And he started laughing: “Well, you can´t say that this isn´t a real paradise here!”

True. (Un-)fortunately.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexiko (Hotel mit Davide)

Tages-Km: 64,34km / -Zeit: 3:59h / -Höhenmeter: 463m

Gesamt-Km: 14.684km / -Zeit: 999:40h / -Höhenmeter: 130.988m

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