42_Gang of Lezhe

Haha, I just read that the day before yesterday I wrote „ But it also makes us ask what experiences will wait for us there…” Now I can tell you: Second evening in Albania, wildcamping in a small village around Lezhe, crazy! We found the perfect place to build up our tents: flat field, some bushes a bit higher than our tents, nobody could ever see us. …except 20-30 boys and girls, brothers and sisters, uncles and cousins, mums and dads, dogs and cats of the village!

It started with 3 curious little girls seeing what did happen there in the bushes. Followed by 3 curious little boys, followed by the next-generation-football-team of Lezhe, followed by the rest of their families. Man, we could hardly manage to cook and to eat, surrounded for hours by all those incredibly nice and friendly people. They did offer us their homes to sleep there, invited us for dinner, did bring me a warm blanket for the cold night in the tent and some wood and old newspaper for a campfire. They came to say “good night” and they came back early to say “good morning” right before going to work or school. Or just to see if we survived the night safely.

Hey you guys there, if you should read this here: Thank you again for that incredibly good experience there in your football field! Be safe, take good care of you, keep as open and friendly as we could know you and if you ever should come to Germany: I will find a place to stay for you as well!

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