After having finished writing last time I don´t know how but I finally found the place where the ferry leaves in Kavala. I had 10 minutes to get the tickets and to get on the boat. And there it was waiting for me already: The bike of Ogi.

I first saw him on the upper deck. But when he pulled out his selfie-stick I decided to better not go over and start talking…big mistake! If he didn´t wait for me after the ferry had arrived on the Island Thasos I had definitely missed 4 incredibly funny and amusing days here on Thasos. We immediately found out that it would be nice travelling the island together and that´s what we did. And I don´t regret one minute! We´re having so much fun while riding, while building up the tent, while watching the campfire, while he´s jumping off his bike and starting to walk next to me when street is going uphill because he also wants to train some other muscles…

Ogi, you´re one out of a very few, you´re special because you´re so focused and so extremely motivated and also motivating…just never stop being like how you were in the last 4 days and the world will be yours one day! Because of you tomorrow I will start doing a warm-up before riding and a stretching at the end of the day – I promise!

I thank you for a perfect time! Or let´s say `almost` perfect… there´s just the one thing about the fire you know…. ; )


Thasos / Thasos (Zelt mit Ogi)

Tages-Km: 14,24km / -Zeit: 1:22h / -Höhenmeter: 347m

Gesamt-Km: 4.276km / -Zeit: 290:56h/ -Höhenmeter: 37.719m

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