After two days of cycling alone again – you know: everybody said that he/she was doing much more kilometres without me. But so do I! So after more than 100 km on Saturday yesterday I was too tired to do the hill that was expecting me. Instead I decided to have a nice little bath in the sea because my hair really was in need of some water! And it was like a little wonder: It has been cold and windy and I last time I had seen the sun it was end of Saturday. But when yesterday I arrived at the fantastic place with view over a beautiful beach it was warm and sunny. But right for the time of jumping into the freezy water, putting on some soap and shampoo and rinsing in the sweet water of an even colder little river coming from the mountains. Then the sky became grey again.

All I could do was to warm up in the sleeping bag. But after a while Sevastos knocked at the tent-door and invited me to stay in their house tonight. In Internet he had heard that a thunderstorm was coming up and that might maybe become a bit uncomfortable for me outside…

I agreed immediately, packed all my stuff and had a great night on their couch. And a real shower as well!

Thank you so, so much for the invitation, the shower, the dinner, the gook talking, the couch and the next morning…


Maronia (Sevastos, Irianna, Niki, Ioanna)

Tages-Km: 52,04km / -Zeit: 3:25h / -Höhenmeter: 388m

Gesamt-Km: 4.331km / -Zeit: 300:06h/ -Höhenmeter: 38.392m

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