77_All that counts

After a hard say-good-bye to Sevastos, Irianna, Niki and Ioanna this morning I still feel a bit heavy. Today it´s my last evening here in Greece. And it feels like tomorrow I have to leave home once more.

I remember cold and rainy days, freezy winds and only a few really warm springtime days. But what kept me always warm here in Greece were the amazing hospitality, the people I met and could become friend with, the wide and open arms everywhere, the warm and incredibly big hearts of all of you that helped and invited me!

I remember days when a famous Greek middle finger dominated the media and caused trouble, stress and bad moods between Germans and Greek. But at the same time – in real time and real life – I was here and all I received was not just a middle finger but always a complete and helping hand. And although Germany let´s you hardly breathe at the moment: Not one of you who crossed my street had a negative comment for me but only a real, honest welcome-to-Greece-smile whenever I presented myself as Angela from Germany.

Thank, thank, thank you again for the unforgettable time you were offering me here in Greece! In hundreds of magic moments you demonstrated that a country is nothing but it´s people. Greece is Greeks. Greece is you. And I love Greece! I´ll never forget you! And in my heart you will travel with me.

Be always safe and happy until we meet again!



Alexantropolis (Hotel)

Tages-Km: 53,06km / -Zeit: 3:54h / -Höhenmeter: 678m

Gesamt-Km: 4.484km / -Zeit: 304:00h/ -Höhenmeter: 39.070m

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