It´s already 3 days that I´m here in Acapulco and I still don´t feel ready to go back on my bike tomorrow. So much is still undiscovered! For example the thousand little bays and beaches right next to the city centre and all around the “Bahía of Acapulco” with their clear, blue water and the soft sand. But I just didn´t have enough time to see or live them! Because Ana had some other plans with me that were absolutely worth to be seen and visited!

We enjoyed the beautiful evening view from the old Fort, walked up to the famous and legendary “Hotel Mirador” to enjoy the sunset and the incredible jumps into the water which is the unbeaten show of the Hotel since years and years! I could hardly breathe when the joung guys climbed up the rocks, up to a height of 35m above the water, kissing the Madonna for a last time before flying down into the rough water of the Pacific Ocean. It was incredibly impressing! For me these are the true heros of our times!

But not enough: Early the next morning Ana took me on a snorkelling trip with her good friend Ricardo who picked us up with 2 kajaks and showed us around in the amazing water world of Acapulco: We watched the colourful fish, paddled to a romantic little beach and visited the best and most exclusive hotels from their seaside. Moments and impressions I will never forget!

Thank you Ana for your amazing hospitality! And feel welcome to my home whenever you need a place to stay in Germany! Muchisimas gracias!

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