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Stuck in Karlobag

Bura is still blowing hard – no chance to continue! I´m sitting in my hotel room for 5 days now, having tea and waiting for better times. But looks like they won´t come within the next 24hours…

Papa – my private weather forecast – is convinced that tomorrow there might one of a very few chances to make it into the next town which is 50km away. But not so does the local police: They closed the road a few days ago and don´t seem to open it for tomorrow.

Stay or pay? Oh man, always those decicions!

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Thank you Croatia for showing me really every single spectacle someone can find here! Today: one of the word´s strongest winds – the Bura. Man it´s great although I can hardly hold against it standing in the little harbour of Karlobag and trying to take some pics. I love it. But unfortunately I cannot ride it… Let´s see, maybe tomorrow!

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29_ Bora Bora

Oh man, what a beautiful day today! After a truly comfortable night after five Sliwowitz-double I was completely relaxed and full of energy. And instead of the expected Bora a sunny morning, a calm sea and a bright rainbow were waiting for me outside the window. But also another hard etappe: Uphill from 09:00 to 13:00, from then the usual up and down. My legs are ok, but my knees with all that hills here …man I get up from a chair like an 80-something-year-old!

I would maybe never do that if there wasn´t the every day`s highlight: Dinner. Today I even found a Pizzeria! Yeah, Pasta for my legs, I thought. But only in summer…! No cook.

Dear Croatia, do you really need to surprise me every evening again???


Karlobag (Hotel Velinac)

Tages-Km: 67,23km / -Zeit: 5:00h / -Höhenmeter: 809m

Gesamt-Km: 1.605km / -Zeit: 111:26h/ -Höhenmeter: 11.507m

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Well then, let´s give it a try and start with the English blog. I hope it will work…

First of all I´d like to welcome all of the new followers and fans: Thank you for being one of my readers, for the nice moments we spent together and the support you offered me! Hope you´ll have fun with sharing some more memories of my big tour to Rio 2016!

After two days in beautiful Zagreb I´m finally back on the street, sleeping in Karlovac tonight. Had a quiet and unspectacular journey… and lunch with six Croatian hunters! Thank you guys for all the delicious things you offered me! Always be careful and never forget to wear your orange jackets!


Karlovac (Hostel Na Putu)

Tages-Km: 59,49km / -Zeit: 3:36h / -Höhenmeter: 258m

Gesamt-Km: 1.323km / -Zeit: 90:02h/ -Höhenmeter: 7.772m

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