Mexico, mi Amor!

Time has come. Time to look back as ahead of me there are only 3 cycling days left for Mexico. So what do say? Let´s go back to California: “Girl, you cannot go to Mexico! A woman travelling alone – they will rob you, rape you, kill you!” Mexico is wild, Mexico is dangerous, Mexico is corrupt, Mexico is not where you want to go! Now close your eyes for a minute and think of all the bad things you can imagine about a country and you will have a light idea of what I did hear before crossing the boarder.

But thank God for my wooden head: I had the time of my life here! Mexico is paradise! Thinking back of the deserts of cactus in the Baja, the beaches and the fresh, green, tropical forests I crossed between Mazatlan and Acapulco and the cute city centres of Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta or San Cristóbal…it was amazing! But by far not everything that made me feel so, so comfortable here. Next plus point is definitely food! No matter if you eat tacos, tortillas, tortas or burritos on the street or compose your own tortilla with fruit and vegetable from the market – you will always find something your stomach really likes. If only you avoid ordering pasta… let just do the Italians! (or me) And then the little snacks…everywhere…anytime: pineapple, melon, papaya, mango, guayaba, guanabana, bananana and however they are all called… as fruit cocktails, shakes, juices, ice creams. Or right out of the just opened coconut. It´s how I imagine heaven!

And now most interesting, most important: The Mexican. The Mexicans, no matter if man or woman, boy or girl, grandfather or uncle or aunt… all the people along my way they were friendly, hospitable, sunny and shiny and anything but dangerous! All along my way I was always treated like a most welcome guest. And it was their bright smiles, their waving and their whistles – by mouth or by special car horns – that made almost all of my days. Mexican people as I could know them are extremely good buddies with a huge heart and maybe sometimes a bit of a naughty head. But who´s not… I absolutely like them. I liked them all. And some I will definitely not forget and hopefully see again one day.

Mexico is a place where for sure a lot of things still go quite wrong, thinking of only one of them: waste production and waste recycling. But a lot of things still go very right! As they don´t seem to be ruled by their own created rules. If you need help on the street they simply offer you a ride on the back of their pick-ups and don´t hide behind the excuse and rule that this is not safe or that the car is too small. When you´re tired and exhausted from cycling and looking for a Hotel the policemen tell you to go even against the one way as this is the fastest way for you to find rest. And if there are still guests in the restaurant of course you can already pinch your tent on the terrace as long as there is enough space for it. To all the people who do still think with their hearts and put their common sense over impersonal laws: Thank, thank, thank you! Thank you for keeping this world human! Here in Mexico I found that. And I love, love, loved it!

For me Mexico was two months of …well, yes, there was also some cycling. But I´m about to say it was just the background-choir in the song. The front was sung by feelings and emotions, from highly happy to deeply down sometimes, as you always will find them when you approach your own personal limits. But who loves the mountains must also love the valleys. I love the mountains. I love the up-and-downs. I loved Mexico!


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