Puerto Escondido

In Puerto Escondido I was invited by Jim to stay for 2 nights and to have a bit of a rest. Well, still there where some things to do: let sew a linen from the fabric I had bought a few days ago, go to the bike shop, wash my cloths, dry the tent, un-smell the air mat and sleeping bag, and of course blog writing. But also there was enough time for a real life: going to the beach with Jim and Davide, having a wonderful evening in the amazing water and the sunset. Cycling back home, having a nice fresh water shower and just sit and wait until Jim and Davide had prepared our dinner. Then watching a movie with tasty hot peppermint tea and honey. In the morning Jim prepared a fabulous omelette with bacon for us. While the humming birds were humming around the little tanks with sugar water in front of almost every window of the light and classy arranged loft-appartement with the beautiful bathtub in the corner – with fish of course!

I had a good time there and want to thank Jim for his amazing hospitality, for pumping up his bike for me and doing the cooking: Salads, omelettes, pancakes and coffees will be unforgotten! Thank you for offering me a home, Jim!

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