We found your keys!

Some kilometres after Puerto Vallarta we – I say „we“ as I am still travelling with Davide the Italian – so we met Holly and Karl from Canada. They are bike touring, too and on their way from Canada to Panama. We already celebrated the day when we first met with 20 bottles of beer and hundreds of little boccadillas in the restaurant called “El Brasil” where we also could camp that night. The next day we travelled all together and as these 2 guys were amazingly fast on their bikes it was them to navigate us to the “points of interest” that day. Which were nothing less than two fabulous beaches: One for lunch and one for a nice shrimp-coconut-pineapple-dinner!

“Unfortunately” the next day they wanted to take it easy and stayed in a nice little town only 20 kilometres after the beach where we spent the night. And I write “unfortunately” in quotation marks because in the end it appeared to be more fortunately than un-fortunately for me! As Davide and I had decided to reach Manzanillo that day we had to hurry up a bit after saying good-bye to Holly and Karl: still 60 kilometres had to be done and it was already early afternoon! So when we had lunch we tried to keep it simple and quick. But of course we didn’t really succeed… We went to the bank, from there to the big Plaza to eat, then to the Oxxo in order to buy a cold coke, to the churros-bank for a mandatory desert and to the local bike shop as Davide needs a new chain. I used that moment for a quick visit of the public bathrooms, knowing that now we really had to speed up a bit if we still wanted to reach the city! So I ran!

We did a good job that afternoon and reached Manzanillo quite on time. After we had checked in at the hotel in the old town I had that nice relaxed feeling of having done well. …until I realised, that forgetting the keys for the bike in a public bathroom in a town which is something like 60k back is not “doing well”!

Adios feeling relaxed: from now on I had to get active again! I first tried to call the local police to ask them if they could give me the number of the police office in that town. To ask them if they can give me the number of the lost-and-found. But that brilliant idea died when nobody in the local police office picked up the phone. And neither when I called the emergency number. So at least we know one thing now: you better not have an accident or emergency here!

Well, next brilliant idea was to call the little supermarket right there at the corner where the public bathrooms were. Or the little bike shop. But no chance to find one of them in internet. The last brilliant idea I could pull out of my tired and exhausted brain was: shower first! And then think again. But the Italian was faster: Why don´t you write Holly and Karl? They tomorrow will come here and they will have to pass that famous public bathroom. No doubt that this was the real and only really brilliant idea in that situation!

We wrote the 2 Canadians and immediately received their answer: of course we will see if we can find your keys tomorrow. Now slowly, slowly the relaxed feeling came back. But it was only complete again when this morning I got a message from Holly: Hey Angela, we found your keys!

Man, Holly and Karl, I thank you so, so much! And Davide, too for the brilliant idea of course. So the today´s blog is dedicated to you guys! And I just wish you will always find a helping hand, too whenever you need one!


Manzanillo, Mexiko (Hotel San Jose, mit Davide)

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