Welcome back home!

Finally – after a long day in aircrafts – we arrived safely back home in Germany. Our dad was waiting for us with a nice, typical Bavarian piece of meat for dinner (it´s called ´Leberkäs´ which you can see on the pic) while our mom was picking us up from the airport. Yesterday I spent the whole day with unpacking and sleeping as I still feel exhausted somehow. But not enough to stop the big project here: I would not be me if I wouldn´t go for the second half! I think early Octobre…

But this is maybe a good time to say ´Thank you all!´ for what I already could experience until now! I met so many fantastic people out there and I wish we will all keep the contact. And maybe some of you can manage to visit me here in the German mountains one day. It will be a pleasure to offer you back the amazing hospitality I found in your countries, villages and homes! I never really felt alone because of you, being like my big, international, mobile family. This is maybe the most valuable result from the last travelling months: Some awesome new friends! I thank you for all the big and little things you put on my way and I really wish we will meet and see each other again! Until then: Take extremely good care of you, be happy and healthy and be with me as soon as I´ll start cycling again and go for the final destination: Rio de Janeiro in Brasil – Holario!


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